Ryu Eba 江波りゅう Japanese Teacher Ryu Eba Gallery883 1 ドキュメント現役女教師 江波りゅう Documentary Genyakujokyoshikoha Ryuu

  • 出演者: 江波りゅう
  • タグ: 160-16930代Dカップお姉さん系カリビアンコムカリビアンコムプレミアムスレンダーパコパコママヘイゾー一本道
  • 収録時間: 2018-03-13
  • 詳細:Ryu Eba 江波りゅう Japanese Teacher Ryu Eba Gallery883 1 ドキュメント現役女教師 江波りゅう Documentary Genyakujokyoshikoha Ryuu The koha Ryuu of the school teacher such as Tokyo residence, private ○. In the teacher life that suffered mental anguish, be developed by a certain student and Dating, association…. And send the tape which I put a close time with the student in by oneself to us, and come over to satisfy in excess sexual desire….Magazine publication comment Why don't Female Teacher act at the sexual desire center? Female Teacher did delivery health a little ago, and there was the case that became fired in a side business prohibition rule . The good talk that Female Teacher and a dream about the eroticism are filled with. And this work timely. The Documentary of the opening that was the Spy Camera picture that Female Teacher wagged a waist on a boy student as for the contents of the videotape which had been sent to the Studios in a classroom. It is said that I let you pirate the spot when I tell that I regard a contact as the beautiful woman who sent Video. And the night thing which the staff watched at school was the fact that she was the Female Teacher person himself of the matter! Is cool with rapture in a production company if I half approach forcibly, and have sex with an AV actor in a student and Creampie POV, the school on a holiday in a health room. However, this was a trap of the All Female Teacher! The disposal that is aimed at to a penis of the staff! Health room Sex is remarkable, but woman-led kkusu entrusting you in heat is erotic. Want to satisfy carnal desires deceiving a man! (monthly Tokyo Porn Tube Agesage - Washidani) AV writer comment The erotomaniac Female Teacher which lets white soft fair skin flush Female Teacher, Ryuu to confess the Sex with the student to. In two swords torture of Big Vibrator and the Vibrator, is beside itself with long stride difference; and is comfortable ! ? The state that to exclaims lets you feel true lewdness. The Slut mode which I lick the body of the man in the Sex with the student in the health room clean with great relish, and is dignified. Fair-Skinned Girl body which seems to be soft, deep Blowjob and yoga re-ppuriga are splendid Horny Female Teacher. 都内在住、私立の○等学校教員の江波りゅう。悶々とした教員生活の中で、ある生徒と出会い、交際に発展…。そして、自ら生徒との親密なひと時を収めたテープを我々に送りつけ、有り余る性欲を満たしにやってくる…。雑誌掲載コメント 女教師が性欲中心で行動したら? 少し前、女教師がデリヘルしてて「副業禁止ルール」でクビになった事件ありましたね。女教師とエロについての夢が膨らむいい話。そしてタイムリーなこの作品。メーカーに送られてきたビデオテープの内容は、教室で女教師が男子生徒にまたがって腰を振ってる盗撮映像だった、という始まりの『ドキュメント』。ビデオを送ってきた美女とコンタクトを取り話をすると、現場を盗撮させてくれるという。そして夜の学校でスタッフが見たものは彼女が件の女教師本人だったという事実だった!制作会社で半ば強引に迫ればうっとりとイカされ、保健室で生徒と中出しハメ撮り、休日の学校でAV男優とセックス。しかしこれはすべて女教師の計略だった!スタッフのチンポまで狙われる始末!保健室セックスが顕著だが、発情した女性主導のお任せックスがエロい。男を騙してまで肉欲を満たしたいの! (月刊裏アゲサゲ - 鷲谷) AVライターコメント 白い柔肌を火照らす色情狂女教師 生徒とのセックスを告白する女教師・りゅう。電マとバイブの二刀責めに、大股開きで我を忘れて「気持ちいい!?」と絶叫する様子は正真正銘の淫乱さを感じさせる。保健室での生徒とのセックスでは、男の体を美味しそうにベロベロ舐めて堂々たる痴女モード。柔らかそうな色白ボディ、ディープフェラとヨガリっぷりが素晴らしい淫乱女教師だ。! Ryu Eba 江波りゅう Japanese Teacher Ryu Eba Gallery883 1 ドキュメント現役女教師 江波りゅう Documentary Genyakujokyoshikoha Ryuu